Zombie TD 3

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Tower Defense Game
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Zombie TD 3 is next update of simple standard tower defense games Zombie TD and Zombie TD 2 from ZombieHead.org.

Zombie TD 3 game has standard features of tower defense games. Next version of this game add some new features to previous version of game. It is more towers in game, game has possibility to continue after finishing last wave and improved graphics. Also system of upgrades in game is improved. Now you can buy these towers in game:

  • Pistol Turret is basic tower with low damage, and average speed and range. It is good after upgrades and it has best range in the game.
  • Bomb Turret is tower with good damage, and average range, but it is very slow.
  • Poison Tower is average tower with small damage. But this damage lasts for some period of time.
  • Multi-shot Tower is excellent tower with possibility to attack on more enemies at once. It is similar to Pistol Tower but after upgrades it has much more damage.
  • Freezing Tower is tower with small damage. But it can slows enemies, and it is good in combination with other towers.
  • Rapid Tower is an excellent tower with low damage and excellent speed.
  • Laser Tower is the best tower with average damage and excellent speed and range. It is the most expensive tower in game.

Every tower can be upgraded 4 times. Towers can be sold. The game has simple graphics and simple sounds. Game engine has standard controls. It is simple, but playable game. Especially in first levels, you must very carefully invest your money. In higher levels, after using upgrades on towers, is this game easy.

Zombie TD 3 is improved version of simple standard tower defense game. Game has poor graphics, but it is playable.

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