Zombie TD 2

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Tower Defense Game
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Zombie TD 2 is standard tower defense game from ZombieHead.org, improved version of Zombie TD. There are some new features in the game.

Here I want to describe these new features of game. There is new tower in game. Multishot turret make splash damage, because it blobs more bullets. This tower has low damage and I don't think, that is very usable. Laser Turret is not as much expensive, as it was in previous version. There are also new enemies. In some levels you must kill boss zombie. You can choose now from 3 difficulties in the game. Easy level is very easy, and I recommend to start with more difficult level in game for everybody, who finished first version of this game. In game are new sounds and game engine is also little bit changed.

Zombie TD 2 improved version of Zombie TD. Everybody, who liked previous version of this game can now try all new features. I don't see some important changes in this game and I am giving this game same assessment.

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