Zombie TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Zombie TD is standard tower defense game from ZombieHead.org. Simple game, with simple graphics and good playability.

There is nothing special in this game. Game has standard features of tower defense games. You can build towers, to kill enemies before they reach end of map, sell them and upgrade them. Nothing more, nothing less, but all this make from this game good place for spending free time. You can buy these towers in game:

  • Pistol Turret is basic tower with low damage, and average speed and range. After last upgrade it is best tower in game.
  • Bomb Turret is tower with good damage, and average range. It is very slow on the other side.
  • Laser Turret is good tower with average damage and excellent speed and range. It is the most expensive tower in game.

Every tower can be upgraded 4 times. Last upgrades make from them very strong weapons. Especially pistol turret is after last upgrade very strong tower. When you reach this upgrade, you will win game with high probability and game lost its meaning. Fortunately, you will be able to upgrade them on best level only in last levels. Before, you must be very careful and spend your money rationally. My good advice is: Buy towers after start of levels, because your money are increased with interest at end of levels.
Game has simple graphics and simple sounds. Game engine has standard controls. I didn't find any errors in this game. Sometimes it is more important to make simple playable game, than monster with excellent graphics and sound effects but with poor playability. This game is evidence of this argument.

Zombie TD is very simple standard tower defense game. Game is very playable and addictive.

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