Zombie Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Rival games

Zombie Defense is very poor tower defense game. It is still in development. The creator of this game Rival games need to do a lot of work.

Main target of Zombie Defense game is to protect your city from zombies. You can do it with help of 4 types of soldiers:

  • Machine Gunner is fast soldier with short range
  • Rifleman is slower one, but with excellent range.
  • Grenadier slows zombies with help of grenades.
  • Molotov Cocktail fires zombies and has effect for longer time.

Soldiers you can place on the buildings roofs. Zombies are going through the city and you must kill them, before they reach the end. All soldiers can be updated or sold.
The game is still in development. Game has very good graphics and sound effects now. Also game engine needs some improvements. Playability of game is not bad, but it needs a little bit improve parameters of soldiers and enemies. I hope that in future this game, ala Stalingrad, will be more better.

Zombie Defense is tower defense game in development. Quality of game is poor now, but it has a good potential to future.

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