Xeno Tactic

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Nowe Reginald

Xeno Tactic is tower defense game with very good design. And sound is really excellent. Nowe Reginald create nice and addicting game. But...

When I first time play this game, everything looks fine. Later I realized that I know this game, and I scan my memory. Xeno Tactic is copy of my favourite game Desktop TD.
System of game is the same. Game has sci-fi background. You must defend your field exits from enemies. In first level you have only one enter and exit. Later you have two lines of enemies. Good message is that each line is its own exit. Best tactic is of course create mazes. But be careful, this tactic doesn't defend you from air attacks. When you find your own tactic, successful finishing this game is only question of time. Game contains more maps, and you can continue to next map only after finishing previous map. Excellent sound and graphics make from this game good source for fun. You can use 6 weapons, and every weapon can be upgraded. I read some bad reviews on this game, but I spend a nice time with this game, and however of this I recommend this game, especially for beginners.

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