World War

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Tower Defense Game

World War is tower defense game in style of Desktop TD. It is situated in war area.

In World War tower defense game you must kill enemies going from two sides of field. Enemies are not following some paths on the map. The basic strategy for this game is inherited from Desktop TD game. Create paths for enemies bounded with your towers. Good option is to join all entrances into one path through the maze. There are in game also air enemies and they are going over all towers. You can buy these towers in game:

  • Fast Tower is the cheapest one. It is fast, but not very strong. It is suitable for ground enemies.
  • Anti Air Tower is the best tower for air enemies.
  • Artillery Tower has excellent range and average damage. It is suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Smash Tower has low range, but good damage. It is suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Frost Tower has very good damage and low range, but it could slow enemies.
  • Fire Tower has good damage, but low range. It is suitable for ground enemies.
  • Poison Tower has good range and low damage. But it can poison enemies.
  • Power Tower is the best tower in the game.

It is necessary to buy some Anti Air Towers, to protect your map from air enemies. Every tower can be upgraded 2 times. It can also be sold. Game engine is average. It has standard controls, and average graphics. Also sound effects are average. Playability of this game is not bad. The game is at start a little bit difficult, later after building the maze, it is so easy. Entrances and exits on map are generated randomly. It means that sometimes can be game more easier, when are your entrances nearer.

World War is average tower defense game. I am sure it can be good spent time for tower defense game players.

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