Whiteboard Tower Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Josh and Jim Larsen

Whiteboard Tower Defense is copy of very successful tower defense game Desktop TD. Josh and Jim Larsen make excellent game but it smells a little bit with copyright problems.

Whiteboard Tower Defense is very nice tower defense game. Enemies are not following some ways. They have only entrances and exits on the map. For this kind of game, it is necessary to use maze strategy. I learned this strategy in Desktop TD. Now you can play well programmed clone of this game.
To kill enemies before they reach exits you can draw (and buy of course) these towers:

  • Peon Tower is basic tower in the game. It is very cheap, has a good range, but it has also low damage.
  • Impact Tower is tower with splash damage. It has good damage, average range, and it is slow.
  • Stick Man is man with machine gun. It has average range and damage, but it is very fast.
  • Inverted Lightning Rod can attack up to 4 enemies at once by electricity. It has low range and average damage.
  • Transporter Tower can transport enemies at start.
  • Cash Machine gives extra money for enemies killed in range.
  • Electric Floor slows and damages enemies, they walk over it.
  • Boss Tower is the most expensive tower in the game. It has unbelievable damage.

All towers can be upgraded 5 times and they can be also sold. Upgrades make from weak towers very strong towers with improved features.

Game has an excellent design and playability. There are some unique towers in this game. Game engine is standard and it is without severe errors. You can play this game in 4 difficulties. Last one is with unlimited levels.

Whiteboard Tower Defense is very nice copy of very successful tower defense game.

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