War of Guns

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Tower Defense Game
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War of Guns is very simple tower defense from unknown author.

War of Guns is standard tower defense game. You have no upgrades and you can't sell weapons in the game. You can only buy new weapons. The game has 6 maps, and you must finish previous map, to continue on the next map. You can choose from 3 kinds of weapons. Tankers, Robos and Traps. Each group of weapons contains 3 types of weapons. I advice you not to use Traps, because they have only limited lifetime.

War of Guns has standard game engine. I am missing update and sell possibilities for weapons. All controls in the game are clear. The game has and average playability, and it is sometimes difficult. When you have enough money to buy better weapons, the game changes to boring.

War of Guns is a simple tower defense game with average playability without upgrades.

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