Vector TDX

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
David Scott

Vector TDX is new version of Vector TD tower defense game from David Scott. Here you can find post about previous version Vector TD.

Vector TDX has the game engine from older version. I will not describe features of this game. All features are described in post above. There are some differences to old version. Towers has other features. Game has only one map, with 50 levels. X in name of this game means "extreme", because I don't know somebody, who beats this game. The best players reach only level 37. It is challenge for all tower defense players to reach higher levels. From start game doesn't look so difficult. But this is only mask of sheep that change in higher levels to beast and Vector TDX changes into a struggle for life. About every step in this game you must think very carefully. With every bad step penalized you in short time. Unfortunately game doesn't have undo feature.

I recommend this game for every fan Vector TD game. But be prepared to fail. Is it possible to beat this game? Nobody knows. Be prepared, Vectoids are released.

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