Vector TD 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
David Scott for Candystand

I wrote in this blog about two Vector tower defense games already. It was Vector TD and Vector TDX games. Vector TD 2 is next version of this excellent tower defense game from David Scott.

Vector TD 2 is also very good online game. You must destroy Vectoids, before they reach exit. You can choose from 6 maps. You can play game in 4 mods. Normal mode you know from previous versions. In time attack you must defend from constant stream of Vectoids and you must survive as long as possible. Lightning mode is only for best players, because all enemies move twice as fast. Sandbox is special mode where you have from start 50.000 USD and 2 bonuses. After setup you have to survive as long as possible. After choosing node and map, you can start game. Game engine is similar to previous versions. Here you can choose from 4 colors of towers, in 3 types. There is also a new type of tower in game. The rewinder tower teleports the target back to a point in it's past. It is a good to use it at the end of your defenses to make Vectoids get another taste of your towers. Enemies are also the same. For each tower you can select target locking from three types: close, hard, or weak enemies. After premium levels you can earn bonus points, that can be changed for special bonuses. All controls are logically arranged. Playability is as good as in previous versions. You must very carefully spend or conserve money, choose right type of towers, and find best positions for them.

I spend a lot of time with this game, especially with first version. It is classic of tower defense games. Main improvement from previous versions are new modes.

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