Vector TD

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
David Scott

Vector TD is the best online tower defense game. Exists also new version of this game, about about this game I will write something later. David Scott author of Flash Element TD and Flash Circle TD games creates pearl in online games.

Vector TD is one from the most addictive games on internet. It is standard tower defense game, that means, that you must destroy enemies (Vectoids), before they reach exit, with towers built along their path. You can choose from eight maps. After choosing map, you can start game. Here you can choose from 4 types, resp. colors of towers. Also enemies are colored and each type of tower is good for one or 2 colors of enemies. From each color of towers you have 3 kinds of towers. That means that you have 12 types of towers. Each tower can be upgraded 9 times from level 1 to level 10. Usually tower upgraded on level 10 has the same damage as higher tower of the same color with level 1. In addition higher towers can damage more Vectoids at a time or have some other improvements. For each tower you can select target locking from three types: close, hard, or weak enemies. It is good to focus strong towers on hard enemies, for others is good to choose weak or close enemies focusing. Towers can be sold. After some levels you can earn bonus points that can be changed for special bonuses. First bonus is damage booster. Damage booster increases damage of all towers in range. Range booster do the same with range of towers. You can also buy 5 extra lives. Last bonus is interest increase. If you don't spend all money you can earn interest from them. As you can see Vector TD has many features, but all controls are logically arranged and in short time you will know to use all features without problems. Vector TD is not easy game, especially in harder maps is sometimes impossible to win. You must very carefully spend or conserve money, choose right type of towers, and find best positions for them.

You will probably spend a lot of free time with this game. I can only recommend this game. For me is Vector TD the best online tower defense game forever.

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