Ultimate Defense 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Likwid Game Studios

Ultimate Defense 2 is new version of excellent Ultimate Defense game. Likwid Game Studios improved his 3D graphics tower defense game.

I am not sure about relation between Defender TD or Protector game and this game. All 3 games use similar game engine. And all 3 games are really good. And they have also similar idea. Protect your map from enemies.

Ultimate Defense 2 improves previous version of game with new features:

  1. At first game has more levels than previous version.
  2. Levels are situated in different areas.
  3. Ultimate Defense 2 has also new characters: Knight and Warrior. Both have very good damage but low range.
  4. Poison is moved to spells section, where you can also use new spells like Lightning, Trap and Freeze.
  5. You can also try your luck by digging for treasures. You can find some potions or other useful things.
  6. You can also win big money between levels in Slot Machine.

All other features are inherited from previous version. All updates in game are done by game engine. You need money to buy warriors, and you need mana to use spells. This combination really improved quality of this game. Excellent game engine is really the best flash game engine in tower defense games. Very nice graphics combined with very good playability, make from this game very good option for spending a lot of free time. If you like tower defense games, you must play this game.

Ultimate Defense 2 is an excellent upgrade of an excellent tower defense game. It is online tower defense game with the best graphics I have ever seen. Game has also very good playability.

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