Turret Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Turret Defense is tower defense game with not tower defense finish. ArmorGames as creator of this game try to something new.

Turret Defense game is campaign game. All game consists from 4 campaigns, but last campaign is not in tower defense style, but simple RPG game. In first 3 campaigns you must defend some map from enemies. You don't have a big variety of weapons. You have only one type of turret. For building turrets you need some money and energy. Energy you gain from power plants, that you must also build. If you want to upgrade turrets, you must also buy factory. In each campaign you can buy only limited count of turrets. Your turrets can be also attacked by enemies, and you must buy new ones, if some of them are destroyed. Game has simple graphics and sound. You must buy turrets in high speed to defend maps in later campaigns. Last RPG campaign is not a good idea. It is only effort to join together 2 poor games.

Turret Defense is weak game and it needs a lot of improvements to make from it good tower defense game. It has some good features, but it is very easy and simple. If you want, try this game.

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