Turet Wars

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Tower Defense Game
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I described one from the previous post game Desktop Tower Defense. This game is a similar to this game. Turet Wars is game with very nice graphics and is very addicting. You don't have track for enemies, you must prepare it from towers. This is the main idea of this online game developed by victorygaming.com.

In this game you can choose from 3 maps. You have only 7 types of towers. 6 of them you can upgrade 5 times. Last tower is a special Laser Tower. For activating this tower you need to build 3 towers. When you build them, you finish game with high probability. Especially in easy mode with activating of laser towers there is no reason to continue in game, because result will be clear, your victory. But you need 300 bucks to build them, and money you must also use to beat enemies with other towers. Combination of 3 maps and 4 difficulty levels make from Turet Wars challenge for day or more.

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