Trench Commander

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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

Trench Commander is simple tower defense game. Creator of this game made easy game with good idea. Idea of combination towers into more powerful towers.

Idea of combined towers was also used in Gem Tower Defense game. This game was much more difficult. Trench Commander bet on simple standards. Simple graphics, average sounds, and good playability is combined into good game. But game has also big problem. In higher levels, is game very slow. Very slow means, very very very slow. You can use 7 types of towers:

  • Basic tower cheap and can be used for air and ground enemies.
  • Electro tower, use constant stream of electrical damage. It can be also used for air and grounds units.
  • Grinder tower has very close range and attacks only ground units.
  • SAM Site is good tower for air units.
  • EMP Tower Slows ground or air units.
  • Mine can be used for killing one enemy.
  • Explosive Mine kill all enemies in area of explosion.

You can also build bank building, and then you can earn also some interests from your money. Towers can be upgraded. After full upgrade some near towers combine into more powerful tower. You can also choose speed of game.

Trench Commander is good simple tower defense game. It has a problem with speed while using combined towers in higher levels. But i like this idea of combined towers.

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