The Space Game

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
David Scott

The Space Game is excellent strategy game with tower defense features. It was created by David Scott from Casual Collective Inc.

The Space Game is combination of strategy and defense. You are in the space and you are mining asteroid fields. But sources are very needed and you must defend yourself from another space ships. At first you must build your support facilities and then defense. You can buy these necessary things in the game:

  • Energy Relay helps you connect your facilities with energy sources.
  • Mineral Miner is facility for mining on asteroids. It can mine all asteroids in the range. Minerals in this game means money.
  • Solar Station is source of energy. All facilities and weapons need energy.
  • Energy Store allows you to store energy for the future.
  • Repair Station sends ships, that repairs all damaged facilities and weapons in the range.
  • Basic Laser is basic and most used weapon in the game. It can be upgraded to Pulser with average range and good rate or THEL with good range, but it needs a lot of energy.
  • Missile Launcher is weapon with excellent range and damage, but with low rate. It is suitable against more powerful enemies and for long distance defense.

All weapons and facilities can be upgraded, some of them more times, or they can be sold. The game is possible to play in mission mode or you can choose from existing scenarios of various difficulties. The game has also very good tutorial mode with inline help. It will introduce you with the basics of this game.

The game engine is very good designed. It has very nice graphics and good sounds. All controls are very clear and intuitive. The Space Game has an excellent playability for every type of players. You can choose from easy scenarios to very difficult modes. Also mission mode is very good designed with increasing difficulty from mission to mission. It is very addictive game, and I spend a lot of funny time with this game.

The Space Game is an excellent strategy game. It has very good playability and I can recommend this game to all players.

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