The Horde

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Tower Defense Game
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The Horde is nice tower defense game from 5minutesoff. The game has nice graphics and good playability.

The Horde has scenario system. After finishing mission you can continue to next mission. Your progress is automatically saved. Your target is destroy enemies, before they reach end of the map. You can do it with help of towers. They attack at enemies, and from their power and positions is inherited your success in the game. You can buy 5 basic types of towers:

  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest weapon with low damage and average range.
  • Cannon Tower has improved damage.
  • Ice Tower can slow enemies.
  • Poison Tower can poison enemies and its damage functions over time.
  • Fire Tower has the biggest damage, but it is slow.

Tower can be upgraded many times or they can be sold.

The Horde has standard game engine. It has good graphics and average sound effects. The game has many scenarios. It takes you a lot of time to go through this game. It is not very difficult. The game has an interest system, and it is good to save money to end of each wave, and use them at start of next wave. The damage of towers is improved with gained experience of towers.

The Horde is an average tower defense game with good playability and scenario system.

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