The Commander Sister

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Werardo Fabrizio

The Commander Sister is an excellent tower defense game from Werardo Fabrizio. Game is situated into WW2, and has an excellent atmosphere.

The Commander Sister is not game for tower defense beginners. You can came away from first level in easy mode. You must be fast and clever to finish this game. Target of game is simple. On existing map you must destroy enemy army before reaching end of map. For defense you can built your weapons. At beginning you have enabled only 2 types of weapons, later you can unlock next. You are playing on big map and you can see in zoom only part of whole map. There is good to know some important keys, for playing this game.

  • C Shows area where you can build your weapons
  • G Zooming. You can swith between whole map, and part of map
  • S You can sell selected weapon for max. 3/4 of its price
  • R Repairs selected weapon
  • H Shows the life bars
  • Space Unselects selected weapon

As I wrote above you can kill enemies with those weapons:

  • M60 The cheapest one, machine gun suitable for ground and air attacks.
  • Gatling Vulcain More powerful weapon suitable only for ground attacks.
  • 75 mm Canon Good weapon for tanks, suitable only for ground attacks.
  • 105 mm Canon Very good weapon for tanks, suitable only for ground attacks.
  • 105 mm Canon Twin Very good weapon for tanks with 2 barrels, suitable only for ground attacks.
  • Radar Station Improves range.
  • Crotale Missiles Launcher Necessary weapon for air attacks, suitable also for ground attacks with very good range.
  • 125 mm Canon Hovitzer Excelent weapon for tanks, suitable only for ground attacks.
  • MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System, excellent weapon for air and also for ground attacks can launch 6 rockets at once.
  • MTHEL Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser I don't know this weapon, I don't unlock this weapon
  • Pluton Ballistic Missile I don't know this weapon, I don't unlock this weapon
  • SU-37 Airplane I don't know this weapon, I don't unlock this weapon for the moment

As you can see, you have a big variety of weapons. I don't know all weapons, because I didn't finished game yet. Enemies can go from 2 sides. In game you can allow auto repair for selected weapons. In higher levels it is necessary feature. But it also means, that your money are decreasing with every repair. I don't know best strategy for this game. Important is to use weapons with good range and power. You can eliminate enemies before they destroy your weapons. I tried to use only Crotale Missiles Launcher but later it was bad strategy. Between each level you have some intro that can be disabled, with basic info about next level. You can also unlock new weapons or increase rate in some levels. Important feature is possibility to save Game before next level. Game has an excellent graphics and sound effects. You will feel like soldier in World War II. Game engine is very good designed. I don't had problem with speed. The Commander Sister is tower defense game for advanced players, and I can only recommend this game for everybody. I hope, that I finish this game soon. If you know some good strategy for this game, you are welcome to write about it into comments.

The Commander Sister is very difficult and excellent tower defense game.

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