The Canyon

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Tower Defense Game
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The Canyon is standard tower defense game from RandomBC. Not bad, but also not good.

The Canyon has standard target of tower defense games. Forces of the darkness reach your borders. But fortunately they must go through canyon. It is chance to stop them, with help of your defense towers, before they reach your kingdom. You can buy these towers:

  • Ice Tower shoots cold air and slows enemies.
  • Stone Tower is average tower with possibility after upgrade to shot more enemies at once.
  • Poison Tower shoots poison at the enemies. It decreases their life during some time.
  • Sharp Tower shoots sharp arrows. It can attack enemy with critical damage.
  • Ground Tower produces shockwave. It has splash damage and also slow enemies.
  • Fire Tower is the best tower in the game. It throws fire on enemies and has also splash damage.

To build towers you must drag them on selected place. You can upgrade 3 basic features for all towers: damage, range and rate. And you can also upgrade 1 specific feature for each kind of tower. Specific features can be upgraded 5 times, but standard features 15 times. It is too much, because you only slightly improve your towers with each upgrade. With combination of 50 waves in the game, it take so much time to finish this game. The game is so boring after some time.

The game engine has average graphics and sound effects.

The Canyon is average tower defense game. It needs more action in every wave, or decreasing number of updates and waves.

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