Tank Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
3Tang tech

Tank Defense is simple tower defense game from 3Tang tech. It is developed in China, and it can be problem to play this game for not Chinese speaking people.

I have played Tank Defense many times to find useful strategy for this game. But I still haven't finished this game, My highest level in this game was 17. This simple looking tower defense game is very difficult. You can buy only one Tank, Slower, Mine Field and Wall. All these weapons, except tanks, are only temporary. That means after attacking by more enemies they dismiss. Only tanks you can use during whole game. But there so much possibilities to upgrade tanks. At first you can choose from 3 types of upgrades, You can choose between Standard, Laser Beam or Missile tanks upgrade. In next upgrade you can choose from 3 possibilities to specialize your selected tank weapons. And at last you have possibility to buy last only one upgrade.

And there is big problem. In game you have ground and air enemies. Level 5, 11, and some higher levels are air attacks, and there is big problem to pass these levels. Upgrades to first level are universal. After next upgrade your tank is able to attack only on air or ground enemies. Only the most expensive second level upgrade in laser beams tanks is universal. That means so much possibilities of upgrades. You can also sell your tanks but for very low price.

To play this game you must find right strategy for buying and upgrading your tanks. I am not sure if it is good strategy to buy more tanks, or less tanks with wisely selected upgrades. You have very low budget in each level and every mistake in lower level means end of game in higher levels.
The game has poor game engine. Here are controls used in the game for not Chinese speaking people, like me. I found them after many plays:

  1. You can start game by pressing main button after loading game.
  2. Next step is to buy and place tanks.
  3. Then you must click on play like button on bottom left side.
  4. To upgrade them you can choose from icons on bottom of game after clicking on specific tank.
  5. To sell tank it is possible after clicking on button on left side of update icons.
  6. You pause game after clicking bottom left circle button.
  7. In pause mode you have 3 buttons: Resume, Sound off/on button and Exit game buttons.

I hope that you can help mi finish this game and you will write some successful strategy to comments for this game.

Tank Defense is an average tower defense game. It has good playability and it is very difficult. It is game suitable only for hardcore players.

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