Super Energy Apocalypse

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Lars A.Doucet

Super Energy Apocalypse is tower defense game from Lars A.Doucet. It is next game, where is combined strategy game with tower defense game.

This game ha so much possibilities. First part of all levels is create necessary structures and them defend them from zombie enemies during the night. Game has a simple tutorial. Without it, it is almost impossible to play this game. First strategy part is similar to SimCity games. You must build infrastructure to defend yourself. You must continue in steps. When night is going, you must build defense structures to protect your area. You can build them, upgrade them and also sell them. Damaged structures can be repaired. With help of structures you can build next structures. It is not easy to write here list of all possible structures and actions in game. And I will not do it. You must try this game.

Super Energy Apocalypse is very complex tower defense game. Somebody can love it, but I prefer simple games. On the other side it was good spent time during playing this tower defense game. I can recommend it to all AT players.

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