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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
WarSpark Games

Storm is tower defense game from World Second War. WarSpark Games, creator of this game, made an excellent work.

It looks like game is still in development, but actual version of this game is very playable. Target of game is defend your base from enemies. You can choose from 3 difficulties. Game starts with base, 3 mines and some light cannons. You can build 5 types of weapons in game:

  • Light Cannon is the cheapest one, with low damage and range.
  • Heavy Cannon is better one with good health and armor.
  • Tank Destroyer has very good fire speed. I use this cannon for forward positions.
  • Missile Turret has very good range and damage. But it has weak armor and health. It is good in back positions.
  • Big Defensive Gun is best weapon in game. It has excellent damage and range. It is necessary weapon for higher levels on back positions.

You can also build 7 mines for earning some money. These are also very important for higher levels. I am missing possibility of updates, and selling weapons. You can only destroy your weapon. All your weapon can be also damaged and destroyed by enemies, and you must build new during the game. As I said before game is very playable, and all levels has very good good designed intelligence of enemies. You can see amount of enemies weapons in actual wave on first row of game window. My strategy was: mines in back, big defense guns before them and tank destroyers on first positions. With this strategy there is no problem to win easy mode.

Storm is a simple but very good tower defense game. I am missing updates in game, but on other side I only recommend this game.

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