Star Trash

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Tower Defense Game
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Star Trash is simple tower defense game from FreeCreator. Main target of the game is protect colonies from enemies.

In Star Trash you don't play on the map. You must protect cities on selected planet. There must stay alive minimum 4 cities on the planet. You can buy also new cities. The new city means more money in each wave. To protect your cities, you can buy spaceships and place them on the planet orbit. Selected spaceship you can move on the orbit using Drag&Drop. You can buy from these spaceships:

  • Normal Spaceship has 3 modifications. Only the cheapest one is unlocked from start of the game.
  • Slover Spaceship has 2 modifications and it slows enemies.
  • Fire Spaceship is very strong, but it is slow. It has 2 modifications.
  • Nuclear Spaceship is very destructive weapon, but it is unlocked only at the last levels. It has 2 modifications.

All spaceships, except the cheapest one, are unlocked only after gaining enough experience. You will earn experience points after each wave. They can be upgraded more times or sold. During attack they can be damaged, and you must repair them.

For each spaceship you can select behavior: In Quiet mode it stays at the place and attacks only the nearest enemy. In Quiet Enemy mode it stays quiet, but after detecting enemy it follows him. In Look for Enemy mode it is active in searching for enemies. In Rotate Earth mode it rotates on around the planet and it attacks the nearest enemies.

Star Trash has an average graphics and sound effects. The game engine is well designed and it has clear controls. Game itself has good playability.

Between waves, it is also possible to move them on selected position at the orbit. Game has 2 modes for playing. In Hero mode you can control with keyboard one from the spaceships during game. I prefer standard Commander mode without this possibility.

Star Trash is an average tower defense game. It has good playability and interesting idea.

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