Star Rebellion

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Tower Defense Game
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Star Rebellion is very nice mission tower defense game. The creator of this game Mentart creates a very good game in style of Storm defense game.

Main target of Star Rebellion game is to protect your command center from attacks. This target is the same on all missions. Each mission is on a new planet, and you must finish previous, to continue in next one. To protect your command center, you can build these turrets:

  • Laser Cannon is the cheapest one, suitable for ground and air units.
  • Artillery is better one, but suitable only for air units.
  • Missile Turret is the best defender for air units.
  • Plasma Mortar is the best defender with good damage and armor. It is suitable for ground and air units.
  • Stunner stops enemy for some time and is suitable for ground and air units.

To buy enemies, you need crystals. You can gain them from killing enemies or mining. You must build Refinery. After building it, you will gain also harvester for mining. All turrets and buildings need energy. Energy you can gain with help of Power Stations. Turrets can be damaged after hitting from enemies. You can switch them to repair mode. In this mode is damaged turret slowly repaired. You can also upgrade turrets many times or sell them. It is possible to select more turrets and upgrade them at once. When you are under strong attack, you can buy extra bombs or missiles. With them you can attack enemies in a range. You can also select target for turret or you can use them in auto aiming mode on the nearest enemy.
The game has very good game engine, excellent graphics and very good sound effects. Playability of this game is also very good. From planet to planet is more and more difficult. When you build strong defense on previous planet, you must build all from beginning on the next planet. Star Rebellion has an auto save mode of missions. It means, after playing the game next time, all finished missions are selected as finished also in the new game.

Star Rebellion is an excellent tower defense game with many missions. It is very good designed.

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