StarCraft FA 5 SE2008

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Tower Defense Game
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StarCraft FA 5 SE2008 is not really tower defense game, but has some features of this type of game. It's creator DZ2001 from Russia. made much more very good online games. Quality of this game value especially standard Starcraft game fans.

Title of game shows that it is clone of standalone strategy game Starcraft. I don't play Starcraft for long time and I have never finished described game. That means, I am not the right reviewer for this game. But this game has tower defense features and I will try to write here a little bit about this game. Tower defense feature of this game is possibility to build 4 defense buildings. You can build a lot of types of buildings, everything depends on your upgrades, money and actual level in game. To win each level you have to kill all enemies before they destroy your base. To destroy them, you can use abilities or build defense buildings. In every level you have usually new type of enemies or some special task. When you kill enemies you will earn money. Earned money you can spend to build new buildings or buy some new upgrades. To buy new upgrades you also need skill points. To use spells you need enough energy. You must be careful and save enough energy, to use it in right time. Game is very complicated and there doesn't exist some simple strategy for this game. A lot of advices you can find in review for this game, on pages of game. Graphics of game is good, and game has excellent sounds. Graphics and sounds are derived from standalone Starcraft game. Game engine has sometimes problems with speed, but game as whole is excellent. Music gives the game very good atmosphere. You are have big advantage, if you know standard Starcraft game. I can only recommend this game for all advanced strategy players.

StarCraft FA 5 SE2008 game is very good game with many possibilities. Unfortunately for me, I am not very good in this game and I prefer standard tower defense games.

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