Stalingrad 3

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Tower Defense Game
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In December 2007 I wrote about tower defense game Stalingrad. In January 2008 I wrote about Stalingrad 2 - The Fall of Berlin. Creator from have made new game Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders.

Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders is not only update, it is really new game. I like this approach. Creator risks success of previous version and wrote something new. Germans are going on Stalingrad and on their way they are mining Don region. You are here to defend valleys of Don. In game you can buy these weapons:

  • Wall is suitable for building ways for enemies.
  • Scrapyard increases resources from destroyed enemies.
  • Solar Battery gives you necessary electric power.
  • Gunner is suitable against light ground and air units.
  • Dual Gunner is suitable against medium ground and air units.
  • AP223 Cannon has big damage , but it is small. It is useful against strong ground units.
  • AT-1A Missile is very good weapon against enemies tanks.
  • G2 23 mm AA Gun is an excellent weapon against air units.

All weapons and structures can be build with Drag & Drop system. After clicking on existing items, you can upgrade their Attack Power or Damage Capacity. Damaged structures can be repaired. All structures can be also sold.

The game engine is well designed. Drag & drop system is a little annoying. The game has average graphics and average sounds.

There is difficult to find good strategy for this game. First of all you don't need to upgrade units.

  1. It is necessary make way for enemies from walls.
  2. Then you need to build 14 Gunners at end of this way. They must be always replaced after destroying.
  3. When you earn enough money build 3 missiles far from way.
  4. At end of way build AA Guns to protect you from airplanes.
  5. Then only continue to build defense like in the picture down.

Stalingrad 3 - Valley Defenders is very good tower defense game.

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