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Tower Defense Game
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Stalingrad is very nice tower defense game. Nice nostalgic music on piano is in background while hundreds of tanks, cars and people are dying. But you must kill them, otherwise enemies reach Stalingrad and your game finish. Creator from try to simulate history battle from WW2.

Your aim is to guide Stalingrad from enemies trying to conquer it. Game has 4 levels, and you can continue to next level only when you finish previous one. On each level you must manage a lot of waves of attacks. Before next wave you have time to buy weapons, or upgrade existing. It is also possible do it during game. Game is very good playable and has very good set growing difficulty for each wave. You have 5 types of weapons, and each is good usable on specific type of enemies. This tower defense game is one of my favorites, and I still don't finish it. I love piano music on background.

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