Speedway TD

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Areagle Games

Speedway TD is simple tower defense game from Areagle Games. You can play it as standard tower defense game or in hero mode.

In Speedway TD you must protect your highway from from dangerous drivers. You can do it with help of your hero. You must choose it at start of the game. You can choose from these heroes:

  • Army Plane has low abilities at the start, but after upgrading it is good choice.
  • Police Copter has low but splash damage.
  • Ice Copter has low damage but slowing abilities.

You can move your hero with arrow keys. It can be upgraded more times. If you want, you can also buy next weapons and place them around highway. You can buy from these weapons in the game:

  • Tank is the cheapest weapon, with low damage but good range and fire rate.
  • Grenade Tank is weapon with average damage, but low firing rate.
  • Fire Truck attacks enemies with water and slows them.
  • Oil Tanker is an average weapon with good splash damage.
  • Coal Truck slows enemies firing them with hot coals.
  • Snow Plow slows enemies with snow.
  • Missile Truck attacks enemies with missiles. It has good rate and range.
  • Nuclear Truck is the most expensive and the best weapon in the game. It has very good damage, range and firing rate.

All weapons can be upgraded more times and sold.

The game has standard game engine, with standard controls. It has simple graphics and poor sound effects. It also contains inline help. The game itself has average playability.

Speedway TD is simple tower defense game. I didn't find nothing new in this game, and it is only copy of other standard tower defense games.

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