Shock Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Shock Defense is clone of well known tower defense game from Flash Element TD. But it doesn't mind. This game is a good clone!!!

Shock Defense is standard tower defense game. You must kill all enemies before they reach end of the map. If you didn't succeed, enemies go over from start, and you lost 1 HP. When you lost all 20 HP, you lost game. You can buy towers, upgrade them and sell them. You can also make research to create advanced towers. And you can also earn from interests at the end of each wave. You must kill land or air enemies. As I said in header, game is clone of Flash Element TD. Yes, this game copied ideas and graphics, but it also improves some elements of game. You can buy these towers:

  • Stick Tower is the cheapest one with good rate, but very low damage. It is suitable against air and ground units.
  • Stone Tower is very good tower against ground units. It has splash damage, but slower rate. It can't be used against air units.
  • Slingshot Tower anti air tower with low damage and good range.
  • Poison Dart Tower slows enemies with poison damage. You need a tribute to research this tower. Tower has very good rate and average damage. It doesn't have effect against immune enemies. It is suitable against air and ground units.
  • Tower of Fire Bolt is next advanced tower suitable only against ground units. Tower has great damage, but slow speed.
  • Tower of Lightning is an excellent tower. It is suitable against air and ground units. Tower slows enemies with electric static field, has slow rate and great damage.
  • Super Tower is the best tower in game. You have to research all 3 advanced towers to buy this tower. It is suitable against air and ground units. Tower has unbelievable damage and excellent range.

I used this strategy for the game: First 10 levels you will fight only with ground enemies. I build only Stone towers. Then I upgraded them on higher levels. When I earned first tribute, I bought Lightning towers. I upgraded them as much as possible. When I researched all 3 advanced towers, I started to build Super towers. My advice is: There is no reason to buy other type of towers, than Stone, Lightning and Super towers. Buy only, what you need. There is also possibility to change tribute to increase of interest rate. Some people use strategy with fast selling towers before end of wave. They earn from interests. One thing, I am missing in this game, is info about next waves.

Shock Defense game is clone. Many players don't like this game because it copies Flash Element TD. I like this game and I can only recommend you to play this game.

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