Shape Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Shape Defense is very simple tower defense game from Simple game with poor graphics and some mistakes.

In Shape Defense has standard target of tower defense games. Kill every enemy before it reach end of map. You can do it with help of these towers:

  • Turret Tower is very cheap tower with low damage and average range.
  • Grinder Tower tower has very low range, but it has a good damage.
  • Missile Tower has good range and damage.
  • EMP Tower slows enemies and has average damage. It is good for air enemies.
  • Super Tower is the most expensive tower with excellent damage and range.

All towers can be upgraded more times and sold. Game is very easy. Poor graphics and annoying sounds doesn't help this game. Game has standard game.

Shape Defense is very simple a nd poor tower defense game. It has low playability.

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