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Tower Defense Game
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RPG Tower Defense Game is easy online game suitable for beginners on tower defense games field. EAlienSoft.com, creator of this game created boring game without atmosphere.

You can play RPG TD in more modes or difficulties. You have 3 difficulties modes, normal, hard and insane. Game have also special mode SandBox with huge amount of gold. You can add towers everywhere on map, that means strategy for this game is based on creating of mazes. Game has 5 available towers. First Arrow Tower has normal damage and fast speed. Next Cannon Tower has slow speed but high splash damage. Arcane Tower is the most expensive one with medium speed and high magic damage. Fire Tower has medium magic damage and fast speed. And last one Ice Tower only slows enemies. There are 5 types of enemies and one from them is Boss. Game has also special buildings. Mine gives you more gold, and Church gives you prayer points. They can be used for attack spells like Blizzard, Angel of Death and Judgement Day. The weakest feature of game is game intelligence. Game has quantum levels, and they are too similar. I am not sure if exists the last level, I played around 100 in normal mode. After playing game longer time is game so boring. You can choose from more background songs. Here I have also one comment. I know one from songs from Submachine P&C online game, and I am not sure about breaking copyrights for this song.

RPG Tower Defense is weak game and it needs to remake game engine, to give game better playability. Neverending levels doesn't create addictive game.

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