Roman Sanine TD 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Roman Sanine

Here I wrote about first version Roman Sanine tower defense game. I wrote about this game only in superlatives. Now I want write about second version of Roman Sanine Tower Defense game.

Second version of this game need to set up difficulty of enemies, but is is playable also in this beta version. You can build these towers:

Basic Towers

  • Fire Tower is a strong tower with a good damage
  • Water Tower is a cheaper tower with a good damage
  • Gecko Tower is a strong tower with a good damage after updates
  • Wind Tower cheap and weak tower
  • Ultimate Tower expensive, but very strong tower

Special Towers

  • Sniper with excellent range
  • Mixed Ele with combined damage of all basic towers
  • Death with maximum damage
  • Biohazard is tower that move to shot enemies
  • Slow slows enemies to give them slleping injections
  • Cash generates more cash in levels
  • God Power the most expensive tower with the strongest damage

You can also buy mines of 3 types in game. Game looks easy from beginning. Later you must upgrade basic towers on maximum level. And you will need more money to continue. Game has an excellent playability. It has some problems with graphics. Window for buying things and update of existing towers is not good refreshed. But game as whole is genial. Game only need to set up correctly enemies and towers for better balance between levels.

Roman Sanine 2 needs to be finished to end. The game development is still in progress. When it will be finished, it would be an excellent game.

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