Reno 911! Excessive Force

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Comedy Central

Reno 911! Excessive Force is tower defense game, that was built to make promotion for comedy TV series Reno 911. Comedy Central made a good work.

I have never seen Reno 911 TV series, I hope that they are good. But I played game Reno 911, and I must say, that it is a good tower defense game. Before game starts, you can choose one from 3 maps (scenes), and difficulty for game. After choosing options, you can start game. Your target is defend selected place from prisoners breaking from the jail, or from protesting citizens. Your towers are policemen from these series. From start you can use 1 of them, later you can use 8 types of policemen. It looks like, features of policemen are inherited from series, but each of them has specific ability and various features. You can upgrade them more times. And you can also sell them. Game has very good playability, and a good atmosphere. Each level is funny and you won't be bored from beginning to end. Game has average graphics and also average sound effects. I like game engine for upgrades. It took me some time, to use it correctly. Later I like it, because it is very fast system for upgrades. When I will have possibility to see TV series Reno 911, I will do it. It looks like they are very funny. And that was target of this game, to point you on these TV series.

Reno 911! Excessive Force is a good tower defense game with interesting background.

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