Random Defence 2

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Tower Defense Game
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Random Defence 2 is next version of good Random Defence tower defense game from Armegalo.

Random Defence 2 is good game. It has a little bit chaotic game engine. But after playing this game longer time, it will be OK. Word random in name of this game means, use of random crazy objects for enemies and for objects on the map. You must defend yourself attacking ducklings for example. There are too much possibilities how to build your defense. Simply, there are four groups of buildings and weapons. You can find them in 4 colored menu on bottom right side of game engine. To build them, you also need enough resource of the same color. Green submenu contains contains gun weapons and facilities. Red submenu contains explosive weapons and facilities. Blue submenu contains electric facilities and rose submenu contains various facilities. Top submenu contains basic info about waves and bottom submenu contains disc submenu. To upgrade weapons and facilities to higher levels you need research centre of the same color. Also for buying better weapons you need research centers. What kind of research center and level of necessary upgrade you can find in the weapon description. To mine resources you need to build mine for exact resource. Before you place mines, you can gain info about resources in the circle around placed mine.

Playability of the game is very good. The game has so much levels. The game engine is so strange, it takes you some time to handle it. Be prepared on quantum strange enemies and levels. You will spend a lot of good time with this game.

Random Defence 2 game is strange and good tower defense game.

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