Random Defence

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Tower Defense Game
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Crazy name for crazy game. Random Defence is nice tower defense game from Armegalo. This game doesn't look like good game on first view, but later you will find, that this game is excellent.

Word random in name of this game means, use of random crazy objects for enemies. From start it looks so boring, but later this game turn into deuced fast game. This game is about technologies and weapons upgrades. To buy better weapons, you have to buy at first research centre, then upgrade your tech level and then you can buy better weapon of some type. This weapon can be upgraded more times, but for higher upgrades, you need also do some research and upgrade to higher tech level. It looks so difficult, but I understood this process at first attempt. You can buy these weapons:

  • Small Gun Tower Simple, quick and effective. The least powerful, but one of the most accurate.
  • Big Gun Tower Upgrades to a formidable weapon!
  • Gun Research Adds extra upgrades the two types of Gun Tower. Each upgrade to the Gun Research Centre will increase the effectiveness of all your Gun Towers.
  • Grenade Tower Little men sit inside this tower hurling grenades through the hole. Lovely! Not particularly accurate though.
  • Missile Tower Where would we be without heat seeking missiles?
  • Explosives Research Centre Adds extra upgrades the two types of Explosives Tower. Each upgrade to the Explosives Research Centre will increase the effectiveness of all your Explosives Towers.
  • Slow Tower If those nasty Randoms are getting past your weaponry too quick there's only one thing to do... slowdown by electricution!
  • Shock Tower Puts out some serious doomy goodness. This baby hits anything in its range at the same time!
  • Electrics Research Centre Adds extra upgrades the two types of Electronics Tower. Each upgrade to the Electronics Research Centre will increase the effectiveness of all your Electronics Towers.
  • Mine Lay these little lovelies in the path as a last resort. Cheap for such a big bang - one use only though!
  • Mine Factory Required to make mines. Upgrade your mine factory to enable extra upgrades to mines.
  • Finance Centre At the end of every level, interest is added to your cash. Upgrade to the Finance Centre increase the interest rate.

Game has average graphics and poor sound. Game engine is simple, but I don't have problems to use it. But what is more important, playability of this is excellent. Strategy for this game is standard. Build less towers, but more powerful. Amount of towers is important only for slowing towers. Build Finance Centre as soon as possible. You must be very fast in upgrading, especially in higher levels. When it looks, that you are strong, it can turn in next level in fast fail.

Random Defence game is very good tower defense game. It is like ugly duck that move to beautiful swan.

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