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Tower Defense Game
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Undefined from

Protector game is more than Tower Defense Game. Creator of this game Undefined from, make excellent combination of RPG game and tower defense game.

Protector is very extensive game with many maps. It is next version of Defender game from the same creator, with much more possibilities.
Basic game engine is the same as in the game Defender. That means that you have no towers but heroes, resp. magicians. Heroes can be upgraded only after gaining some experience. Then they marked their outline with red color. Upgrades can be general or special. Special updates increase special attack power. General upgrades give hero more damage. They can be built only on dedicated areas. If you have not enough free places, it is possible to clear new places. After finishing map you gain some skill points. In skills section you can change points to new skills. To access advanced units you will need to have specific skill. System of skills is much more complicated and it is good to look better on possibilities of this game in help included in game. This help is called Protectopedia and describes all aspects of this game. Also system of maps is expanded. After finishing map, you can continue only on neighbouring maps of maps, you successfully finished. Game contains a lot of maps with various difficulties. All progress in game is automatically saved. Game is a good time consumer and in stats for game you can also see how time you spend with this game. It is interesting to know, how much time you can spend with playing this game. And I am sure that you will spend a lot time with this game, because it is very addictive.

Protector is excellent tower defense game. It is now one from the best online tower defense games on internet.

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