Project Midnight

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Tower Defense Game
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Project Midnight is tower defense game from FTWGames. Excellent game with excellent graphics and sounds with zombie background.

Your target in this game is simple. You must protect tower in centre of field from attacking zombies. To do it, you can hire 3 types soldiers who can help you. As said author in discussion:

I really really appreciate the comparison to Endless Zombie Madness. One of my favorite games as well and I intensely want this game to be seen as the tower defense version of endless zombie rampage.
I love this game. It is simple, you don't have a big variety of possibilities in this game. But what is more important, it is very well designed. Playability of this game is very good. You can buy these soldiers:

  • Gun Man is the cheapest soldier with average damage, range and rate of fire
  • Submachine Gun Man is soldier with good damage, average range and very good rate of fire
  • Sniper Man is the soldier with very good damage, excellent range but slow rate of fire

Good feature in this game is variable price of soldiers. In higher levels are soldiers more expensive and you need more money to buy them. Every soldier can be upgraded 5 times. I prefer to place snipers in the centre and other soldiers around them. Project Midnight game has very clear controls. I have only 1 bad point for this game. In higher levels, it is a little bit boring, because you can build very strong defense. Together with excellent graphics and sound effects, I can only recommend this game.

Project Midnight is very well deigned tower defense game. Game is very playable and addictive.

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