Portal Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Jet Rico Banas

Portal Defense is funny simple tower defense game from Jet Rico Banas. It is easy game with poor graphics.

Portal Defense is standard tower defense game with funny towers and enemies. Main target of game is to protect portal against enemies. It looks like the game is still in development. You can choose from these towers:

  • Pico is the cheapest one, master of gun, with low damage and average speed.
  • Allien Hominid is very fast tower with good damage.
  • Dad has very good splash damage and average speed.
  • Tankman Steve is weak tower, but it slows enemies.
  • P-Bot is the best tower, with good damage and speed, but it attacks only air enemies.
  • Salad Fingers can poison enemies.

All towers can be upgraded 5 times and they can also be sold. From time to time, you can earn new life, or find treasure. You can choose from more maps. You can also create your own maps. This is unique feature of this game, because game has included map editor. Otherwise has game poor graphics and sounds, and it looks more like 8-bit game from old times. As I said above, game is very easy, and I recommend this game especially for beginners.

Portal Defense is very easy tower defense game. I like possibility to create your own maps in game, but on another side this game need a lot of work. I am looking forward on next update of this game.

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