Planet Defender

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Kevin Lin

Planet Defender is tower defense game with space theme from Kevin Lin.

Planet Defender is nice tower defense game. Your primary objective is to defend your planet from invaders. You have free slots on your planet, where you can buy defense structures. Some of them, are disabled. You must research necessary technologies to enable them. You can buy these structures in the game:

  • Fortified Bunker improves defense of structures around it.
  • Ion Cannon is basic and very good weapon in the game.
  • Economic Center is necessary structure to improve earnings.
  • Repair Base improve repairing abilities of structures around it.
  • Missile Complex is advanced weapon with improved damage.
  • Missile Defense improves defense to missiles.

You can research these technologies:

  • Advanced Economics is necessary for Economic Center structure.
  • Robotics is necessary for Repair Base structure.
  • Nuclear Fusion is necessary for Missile Complex structure.
  • Advanced Energy is necessary for Missile Defense structure.
  • Planet Shield creates defense shield around the planet.

Structures can be upgraded nore times. Or they can be also sold.

The game engine is very well designed. Game has good graphics and average sound effects. Playability of the game is very good. You can choose from 4 difficulties. There is basic strategy for easy levels. You must build some Ion Cannons and upgrade them as soon as possible. You also need to research Advanced Economics and build some Economic Centers. Later you only need to upgrade your Ion Cannons and buy and upgrade Economic Centers. Then you need to research other technologies, to build Missile Complexes. After buying them and upgrade them, you will with high probability win the game.

Planet Defender is very good tower defense game. I can only recommend this game.

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