Pixelshocks Tower Defense 2

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Tower Defense Game
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Pixelshock Tower Defense 2 is well designed 3D tower defense game. Company Pixelshocks, creator of this game, has made improved nice game with excellent playability.

Previous version I marked as excellent tower defense game. Pixelshock 2 game improved previous version in many features. There are more creeps abilities. You can choose from more maps and scenarios. Also game is much faster than previous version.

You can buy from these type of towers:

  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest one with short range. It is suitable for ground and air enemies.
  • Rapid Tower has good range and average damage. It is suitable for ground and air enemies.
  • Fire Tower is very good tower against ground enemies.
  • Sniper Tower has good damage, but it is slow. It is suitable for ground enemies.
  • Sky Tower is very fast tower with good range suitable for air enemies.
  • Ice Tower slows ground and air enemies.

All tower can be upgraded more times. They can also be sold.

You can also buy some items in the shop, to help you:

  • Slow slows down creeps.
  • Amplify damage increases damage on creeps.
  • Boost Tower improves damage for selected towers in the range.
  • Rocket attacks on selected creeps.
  • Flame Rocket is improved version of Rocket.
  • Ice Rocket damages and slows affected creeps.
  • Buy HP you can buy 1 HP.
  • Greater Rewards gives you more money from killed creeps.
  • Lengthen Round increases time before next wave reach.

All items has only specific duration and they are disabled for some time, before you can buy the same item next time.

At start of the game you can choose from more game modes:

  • Classic mode is standard TD game. You can choose from 3 maps.
  • Gates mode is standard TD game with more blocked entrances by gates. They can be destroyed with your towers and you can make game more difficult. You can choose from 2 maps.
  • Multi-Lanes mode is standard TD game with more paths. You can choose from 2 maps.
  • Maze mode has more entrances and exits. Creeps are randomly going from random entrances to random exits. You can choose from 2 maps.
  • Kingslayer mode has one resistant creep with excellent HP together with standard waves. You must kill them before end of the game. You can choose from 2 maps.
  • Unlimited mode is classic mode with unlimited waves. You can choose from 2 maps.

As you can see this game gives you big variety of options. Money you can earn from killed creeps. You can give your saved money to bank and earn money from interests.

The game has an excellent graphics with average sound effects and annoying background music. Playability of this game is very good and I can recommend it for all players. The game has also excellent help pages on game website.

Pixelshock 2 is en excellent 3D tower defense game.

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