Pixelshocks Tower Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Pixelshock's Tower Defense is well designed 3D tower defense game. Company Pixelshocks, creator of this game has made excellent nice graphics game with good playability.

Pixelshock's Tower Defense game has standard target. Kill enemies, before they reach end of map. You can use these type of towers:

  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest one with short range. It is suitable for ground and air enemies.
  • Rapid Tower has good range and average damage. It is suitable for ground and air enemies.
  • Fire Tower is very good tower against ground enemies.
  • Sniper Tower has good damage, but it is slow. It is suitable for ground enemies.
  • Sky Tower is very fast tower with good range suitable for air enemies.
  • Ice Tower slows ground and air enemies.
  • Ultimate Tower is the best tower in game, but it is very expensive. You can buy it only from shop.

All towers can be upgraded more time, or can be sold. You can also buy some special items in Shop, but they lasts only for a few seconds and are not very usable. You can give your saved money to bank and earn money from interests. The game has an excellent graphics. Also game engine is very good designed. There aren't sound effects in this game. Playability of this game is very good and I can recommend it for advanced players. Sometimes you must sell some of your towers and buy better one, to continue.

Pixelshock's Tower Defense is very good 3D tower defense game. I am sure, you will love this game.

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