Picnic Panic

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Arne The Turtle

Picnic Panic is strange tower defense game. Arne The Turtle created game with 100% sell price.

It means you can build and upgrade towers and then you can sell them for 100% of their value. These towers you can build on 4 places, and you can switch with arrows keys between them on a map. To win this game you must sell your towers and buy new on next place. Without that, you are not able to finish neither level 1 in this game. Towers can be upgraded and you can also pay for unlocking better towers. Big minus of this game is also small area of game. Game is very difficult and I have never finished it. You can choose from 3 difficulties. I was able to play only Toddler difficulty.

Picnic Panic is weak game with unique feature. This is only one tower defense game where you can sell your towers for full price.

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