Picnic Basket Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Picnic Basket Defense has similar main idea to AntBuster tower defense game. MyGame.com, creator of this game make playable clone of Desktop TD.

Main target of game is defend your picnic meals from ants ant other bugs. Game has engine copied from Desktop TD. But it doesn't mean, because game itself is very good. Insects are going from two entries, and leave your map in two exits. You must build your towers from standard picnic meals. Mustard tower is basic unit, and can kill ground enemies. Big advantage of mustard tower is its price, and possibility of many upgrades. Ketchup tower is more powerful and can attack ground and air units. Honey Trap slows ground enemies for 10 sec, without damage. With Pepper tower you can create pepper clouds and they damage all enemies in them. Toothpicks shoot projectiles and can attack multiple units. It is suitable for ground and air insects.
Sugar tower is special tower and it improves features of other towers around it. After clicking on existing tower tower you can see stats for tower. From there can be tower upgraded. Number of upgrades depends on tower type. Tower can be also sold. On bottom you can see enemies waves slider. Good tactics is similar to Desktop TD, that means to create maze for ground units. I prefer to join both entries into 1 way and continue through created maze. Be prepared also defend yourself from air insects.

Picnic Basket Defense is good tower defense game. I like this join of AntBuster and Desktop TD games.

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