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Tower Defense Game
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Overwatch tower defense game is similar to Storm game. But it has more possibilities. FRadiation, creator of this game, made a good game.

In Overwatch tower defense game you must protect your castle with help of towers. In this game you can choose from variety of towers. But you must have enough money and do research for necessary technologies. Here are all possible towers in game:

  • Stone Tower is the cheapest one. You can build it without any research.
  • Spear Tower is better one. You need to research Tool Making technology.
  • Arrow Tower has better range and damage. You need to research Archery technology.
  • Lit Arrow Tower is more better tower with good range. You need to research Chemistry technology.
  • Cannon Tower has very good damage and range, but low speed. You need to research Gunpowder technology.
  • Gun Tower has lower damage, but good range and speed. You also need to research Gunpowder technology.
  • Machine Gun Tower has an excellent speed and range. You need to research Machinery technology.
  • Rocket Tower has very good range and damage. You need to research Rocketry technology.
  • Fire Tower has lower range, but very good damage. You need to research Advanced Chemistry technology.

Towers can be sold for half of the cost, but not updated. It is possibility to update their damage when you build Blacksmith near of them. You earn money from killed enemies and also from population. To earn more money, you need more population. You need to build Farms to increase population. You can also build Walls to protect your castle. You will win the game when you will research very expensive Nuclear Energy technology. This is very good idea, because you don't have constant count of waves. You must be fast enough, before enemies are so strong. You will lost game, when enemies destroy your castle. In this game you can also repair castle. There is a little error, because it is possible to repair castle to much more HP, then it has before. I am also missing upgrades in this game.

It looks like this game is still in development. It has average game engine. You can choose from more difficulties, and you can also try simple tutorial for game. You can build towers only between waves. Graphics of the game is also average. But what I like in this game is very good playability. I was stressed in each wave, because enemies were improving from wave to wave. An intelligence of this game is also very good designed.

Overwatch is good tower defense game. I like idea of variable waves in game and very good playability of this game. It has some errors, but I can only recommend this game to all players.

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