Overlord 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
The Codemasters Software

Overlord 2 Tower Defense is simple tower defense game from The Codemasters Software. It is advert for new game Overlord II of this company.

In Overlord 2 Tower Defense you have to protect your tower from attacking revolting villagers. To do that, you can buy 4 types of minions with 3 types of weapons:

  • Brown Minion can fight with Club or Sword or Mace. It is the cheapest minion with low damage and average speed.
  • Red Minion can attack with Ember, Fireball Blast or Firewall. It has average damage but it is slow.
  • Blue Minion can fight with Water Puddle, Poison Splash or Ice Blast. It has low damage, but it slows enemies.
  • Green Minion attacks with Claw Slash, Spin Slash or Atomic Bomb. It has a splash damage.

There is no standard system of upgrades, you can only buy better weapon for each minion. All minions can be sold.

Overlord 2 Tower Defense has standard game engine. I had a big problem to find how to upgrade your minions. There is no possibility of standard upgrade, you can only buy better weapon for selected minion. An average graphics and poor sound don't make this game so interesting. The game engine has also problem with speed, while there is more attacking villagers on the screen. The playability of the game is poor. It is good to prefer quantity over quality while buying minions.

Overlord 2 Tower Defense is poor tower defense game. It has no sauce. It needs a lot of improvements to make this game playable.

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