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Tower Defense Game
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Onslaught is game developed by onslaught.playr.co.uk. On pages you can find older versions of game and a lot of info about this game. Page also contains forum where a big community help each other.

Game on first view doesn't look very nice. Game with vector graphics looks more like game from past, or from era of 8 bit computers. But when you start this game, you will be excited. Standard tower defense game, from begin looks very easy, but later is more and more difficult. Game contains very strong upgrade support. Poor set of towers or weapons from begin will change to huge variety of weapons and upgrades. Especially after visiting forum for game you will find more and more possibilities how to play this game (to make laser chain for example). You have also possibility to choose from set of maps before starting game. I am giving this game full number of points. For me it is the best tower defense game now.

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