Omega Tower Defense 2

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Tower Defense Game
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Omega Tower Defense 2 is upgrade of very difficult Omega Tower Defense game from from FlashGameALot.

Omega Tower Defense 2 is improved version of previous game. New feature is possibility to choose difficulty. You can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane mode. The game has also special Sandbox mode to help you improve your abilities. It is very important new feature, because with more difficulties has game more possible players. The game has also 4 maps. One of them is map from previous version.

The game has the same weapons, as they were in previous version. Price of them is related from selected difficulty. You can also update 3 main features of weapons: Damage, Range and Reload Time as before. The game engine has standard controls. There are no visible changes from previous version.

Omega Tower Defense 2 is improved version of very difficult tower defense game. Main improvements are more maps and difficulties.

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