Omega Tower Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Omega Tower Defense is one from the hardest tower defense games I have ever played. Simple game from FlashGameALot is not for everyone.

Omega Tower Defense is standard tower defense game. But it is game only for advanced tower defense game players. In this game you don't have enough time to think, in this game you must be very fast to survive. The game is very fast. Only with help of forums I was able to play first 13 waves.

In the game you can buy these weapons:

  • Light Artillery is basic weapon with small damage and range but good speed.
  • Laser Turret is shooting laser beams. It has good damage and range, but it is slow.
  • Heavy Artillery is improved version of Light Artillery with better damage and range. It has splash damage.
  • Slow Field Generator can slows enemies without damage.
  • Money Tower is soecial tower and increases money from killed enemies in its range.
  • Shock Tower is good weapon with area damage.
  • Bomb is last aid in critical situation. Explodes only once with high damage.
  • Razor Tower is the best weapon in the game. It shoots flying blades that seeks enemies.

You can upgrade 3 basic features for towers: Damage, Range and Reload time. You can also sell towers, and it is necessary to do it more times in this game.

The game engine has standard controls. Graphics of the game is good, sound effects are worse. But difficulty of this game is unbelievable hard. There is no possibility to win this game for most players. Only with walkthrough you are able to reach higher levels. I found this walkthrough from James Revan on forum.

  1. Buy 3 light artillery at the begining and place them in the corners. DON'T UPGRADE.
  2. Buy 2 more as soon as possible. DON'T UPGRADE.
  3. At the first bloob wave sell them and buy a heavy artillery tower (HAT).
  4. First thing to upgrade is reload speed, then damage then range. Max it out.
  5. When you have one HAT tower maxed out buy second one.
  6. If you've placed the 2 HAT at the corners they're all you will need for few waves.
  7. Wait till you have 1000 cash and buy the thing that looks like a sitting frog with seeking blades, place it so it at the entrance of creeps or a corner (it shoots straight down then the blades seek out targets).
  8. Max out reload speed (max is 5 so it reloads almost instantly, then damage (500 cash each level but it's worth it) don't forget about range.
  9. When you have enough money buy another frog and max it out same way as the first one.
  10. Sell the two HATs cause they shoot to slow and with too low dmg to be useful and buy the third frog.

Thank you James. Only with your help I believe, that it is possible to finish this game.

Omega Tower Defense is simple tower defense game for hardcore players, but not for me.

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