Ninjas vs Pirates TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Ninjas vs Pirates TD is tower defense game from Flash NINJA CLAN. Game has good graphics and average playability.

Ninjas vs Pirates TD is standard tower defense game. You can choose from 3 maps and 3 difficulties for each map. At the map you must kill pirates, before they reach end of the map with help of Ninjas. You can buy these Ninjas in the game:

  • Basic Ninja is very cheap and has low damage and range. It has no special features.
  • Shuriken Ninja has splash damage feature and average damage and range.
  • Ice Ninja throws darts freezing pirates and slow them.
  • Poison Ninja can poison enemies. It has good damage and range.
  • Instant Death Ninja has possibility to kill enemy with 50% HP. I don't like him, because it is not very successful.
  • Ultimate Ninja is the strongest Ninja in the game. It has good damage and excellent range. After upgrades it is necessary to win this game.

You can earn money from killed pirates. You can also earn interest when you press button Next wave before starting next wave. Each pirate, reaching end of map decrease your blood value. When your blood value reachs zero, you will lost the game. All Ninjas can be upgraded 5 times and it it is necessary to do it, to be successful in this game. You can also sell existing Ninjas.

Ninjas vs Pirates TD has standard game engine. All controls in the game are clear. You need to move map with help of A, S, D, W keys. I don't like this feature. The Game has good playability, but when you buy Ultimate Ninja and upgrade him to max level, good game turned to boring game. From that time you need only to buy enough Ultimate Ninjas and upgrade them to max level. Fortunately it takes you some time to buy them and upgrade them.

Ninjas vs Pirates TD is an average tower defense game with good playability.

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