Neo Tower Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Neo Tower Defense is strategy tower defense game with poor graphics and difficult game engine from JNelson.

In Neo - Tower Defense you must kill incoming creeps. To do that you can buy defensive towers. Tower can be build with drag and drop system.

You need money, to build towers. Money you can earn from killing of creeps, and also from interests between waves. But not only money. You need also people, energy, heat, magic, ammo and poison.

This is a strategy feature of the game. To have enough resources described above, you need to build economy buildings. Towers and some of buildings can be sold or upgraded. Better towers and buildings are available only after researching them and all necessary technologies. All this upgrades and research system is complicated system of relations. It is described in Tech Tree help included in the game itself. I don't want to describe it in this post, because I don't know all combinations.

At start of the game you can choose from 8 maps. Game has 100 waves, and it so much. To build new towers, you must build necessary buildings. Game engine has very poor graphics with complicated controls. Game is not bad. But you must spend so much time to play this game.

Neo Tower Defense is strategy tower defense game with complicated system of playing. Not bad, but also not good. It needs to decrease number of waves, improve graphics and simplify.

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